Foam Systems
Save up to 80% with HiTek's HOPS system.

Our HiTek Office Production System, or HOPS, offers you Low Cost and Low Labor production of Foam for Foam Carving Systems.

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Check out the foam systems video!
Orthotic and Prosthetic Foam Production System, produce foam in house and save big.
Check out the foam systems video!
Liner Systems
Set your practice apart with our prosthetic liner system.

Our modular prosthetic liner system allows your company to produce the liners that you utilize most.

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The ROI on HiTek's Liner System is amazing. Our system can pay for itself in just a few months.

- Tracy Ell, CP
Mid-MO O&P

HiTek's team are experts in Orthotic Fabrication and Specialize in Pediatric bracing

HiTek Fabrication manufactures lower extremity orthotics: including AFOs, SMOs, and Foot Orthotics.

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Raising the Bar

HiTek raises the bar for accuracy, utilizing the most advanced machinery and equipment on the planet. By producing everything from Liners to components we can have complete control of our outcomes.

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