PF free, DF free

Recommended for:

  • High Tone Pronation or Supination: Mild
  • Low Tone Pronation: Strong


  • Custom fabricated (from cast)
  • Supramalleolar trimline - allows full plantarflexion and dorsiflexion.
  • Defined plantar surface contours
  • Fully integrated padding
  • Full wraparound shell - for flexible control of foot position and alignment
  • Optional anterior and/or posterior straps - provide some medial/lateral control


  • For patients who have delayed development with very low tone pronation and sensory issues.
  • For patients who have excessive pronation and/or supination.
  • For patients who need high levels of specific foot correction but have adequate ankle control for functional level.
  • For patients who engage in frequent floor activities requiring free ankle movement.