HT-8 Softy

Resting, non-ambulatory, Softy Liner

Recommended for:

  • Positioning or Limited Ambulation: Strong


  • Custom fabricated (from cast)
  • Precise positioning - for non-ambulatory patients; suitable for supported standing and transfers
  • Softer plastic - enhances long-term comfort and ease of application
  • Defined plantar surface contours
  • Softy Liner - made of foam provides more comfortable control of feet that are for difficult to align or have sensitive boney anatomy
  • Other liner materials available - including Polyethylene, Co-poly, and OP Flex.


  • For patients who are non-ambulatory.
  • For patients who need wraparound foot control in order to maintain proper positioning.
  • For patients who have strong fixing patterns of the foot and ankle.
  • For patients who require extra padding for feet with sensitive boney prominences.
  • For patients who need very precise but compliant control.