HT-FA Softy

Fixed ankle, PF block, DF block, Softy liner

Recommended for:

  • Excess Dorsiflexion/Crouching: Strong


  • Custom fabricated (from cast)
  • Defined plantar surface contours
  • Fully integrated padding
  • Full wrap-around shell - for flexible control of foot position and alignment
  • Proximal component - blocks plantarflexion and dorsiflexion
  • Softy Liner - provides more comfortable control for difficult-to-correct feet or feet with sensitive boney anatomy


  • Despite overall high tone, lacks consistent plantarflexion strength and collapses into crouched and severely-pronated stance (often rocker-bottomed).
  • Lower weight and smaller size do not warrant the complexity of the HT-T two-part brace.
  • Crouched stance can be improved by manually extending the knee.
  • Have difficult to correct feet or feet with sensitive boney prominences.